3 Areas To Invest in and 3 Piftalls To Avoid in Starting and Growing Your Carpet Cleaning Company

Even as a teenager, I had always thought of myself as one with quite the business savvy, finding opportunities to make a decent wage and become self-reliant. At 17, I did some hours a week working for a family friend’s carpet and upholstery cleaning company.

Years later, it was a no-brainer as I looked for great ideas for a start- up. With industry inside secrets and a great wealth of experience, I started my own carpet cleaning Dublin based company and here are a few pointers for the entrepreneurial mind looking to venture into the industry.

Prioritize Your Finances

As with any business, you will need finances for the startup capital as well as operational costs. From personal savings to business loans, there are several options when it comes to capital sourcing. The amount should be sufficient to cover the cost of buying/hiring the necessary equipment, paying the staff, if any, as well as all cleaning supplies such as detergents and cleaning solutions. For starters, you need not worry too much about having commercial premises for your business. Personally, my team and I operated from my basement for a few months before moving to a business complex.  All you really need is a well functioning website anyway, no one is going to visit your office anyway.

An important investment as you start out is definitely a comprehensive insurance cover. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals and corporates within the industry have shown such disregard for professional ethics that clients, both residential and commercial are hesitant to enter into a contract of service without proof of an insurance policy in place. Find a good policy provider and this will definitely pay for itself.

Equally important is advertising. Some leaflets around town and other generic advertising techniques may work great for your business, but ultimately, referrals are the most effective. Thrive towards providing quality service and you will have repeat customers that will bring more.

Equipment and Staff

From vacuum cleaners, brushes and deep carpet cleaning machines, you may choose to lease or buy the equipment. Also ensure that all cleaning chemicals and detergents are of premiere quality to avoid mishaps during jobs. Your choice of equipment and chemicals may depend also on the niche within the industry that your business is targeting. Domestic carpet cleaning may not require the same chemicals as industrial cleaning.

Ensure that all staff that you bring on board has the relevant training and experience. As the owner, it is important to have an understanding of the business. Personally, my prior working experience in a carpet cleaning Dublin industry has been an invaluable asset to date.

Compliance with all Requirements

Before opening shop to prospective clients, ensure that you obtain all licenses and permits as required in your local area. Make certain that you have all certifications and accreditations, where necessary, for operating your carpet cleaning company.


This is almost a no brainer, but I will mention it anyway. You MUST have a fully functional business website to sell your services on. It has to look professional and have the right information about the service easy to read for the potential customer. You can see a perfectly good example of a well thought out carpet cleaning business website here.

Absolute No-No

High on the list is starting your business with only the backing of limited information. Watching a 5-minute video online, or reading a contracted ”how to” guide is never enough. Get training and share with industry experts on how to start and grow your business

Always shelf the unrealistic expectations. Any carpet cleaning company, Dublin or elsewhere may take time before the profits start trickling in.

On the same breath, avoid unprofessional book keeping. Ensure all your books are in order and you will have an easier time managing your company.